• Tax return preparation

  • Personal & Corporate Tax Planning, Strategy & Projections

  • Representations before the IRS

  • State & Local Tax Planning

  • Personal Financial Planning

  • Preparation & Review of Returns

  • Payroll Preparation & Reporting

  • Estate & Gift Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Lease vs. Buy Decisions


Moseley & Riddle provide proactive tax planning strategies for clients. We work with them to look to the future, where real tax advantages can be achieved. We build tax planning strategies, which are as bold or as conservative as they need to be to fit the client's interests. Our client base includes organizations with primarily mid-size to small privately held companies with assets and sales of $300 million or less. Our clients conduct business across the United States, accordingly we are familiar with multi-state allocation and taxation issues.We consider well-trained, experienced professionals to be the single most important factor in providing consistent quality service to our clients. We offer our clients that unique blend of technical expertise and responsiveness that is sometimes unavailable from larger firms focused on more sizable engagements. We experience limited turnover of personnel, which translates into the kind of engagement continuity that allows the same professionals to serve you year after year.



including Cooperatives




Financial Institutions

Moseley & Riddle is able to provide the following services to financial institutions:

·  Financial statement audits

·  Internal audits

·  Bank acquisitions and analysis

·  Loan reviews

·  Call reports - FR Y-9(s), FR Y-6(s)

·  Holding company formation/dissolution

·  Director's examinations - state and national banks

·  Franchise taxes

·  Federal income taxes


We are capable of handling your bookkeeping and reporting in an organized manner, which allows you to concentrate on building your business. We are committed to understanding your business and helping you make it succeed.

  • organized record keeping

  • quality and accurate financial statements

  • complete payroll and sales tax reports

  • federal, state, and local tax information and updates

  • representation before the IRS


Moseley & Riddle has been serving the businesses in Texas and Oklahoma for over 50 years. We perform audit and audit related services for clients in many industries including:

Services provided by Moseley & Riddle